OfficeRecovery News #052 for March 10, 2009

Data Recovery Suites 2009 - Overview

Recoveronix announces the 2009 lineup of its data recovery software suites: MailRecovery, OfficeRecovery, DBRecovery and MediaHeal.

The suites cover four major areas of application:

  • Corporate and personal email
  • Office productivity products
  • Databases
  • Corrupted media ranging from hard disks to flash drives

One important common feature of the new suites is that they are packaged using the Windows Installer. This provides for better compatibility with Windows Vista and the upcoming Windows 7 platform.

The new MSI-enabled suites can be easily installed on a home computer - or deployed automatically across a corporate network with Microsoft Active Directory. Using MSI installers saves time for systems administrators and allows easy management and upgrades.

Apart from the new installer, there are numerous improvements in each suite. New products have been added, new features introduced and bugs have been fixed. The specific updates for each suite are discussed in separate news articles.

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MailRecovery 2009

MailRecovery 2009 suite has Client and Server editions. Client edition provides data recovery tools for Microsoft Outlook, while the Server edition takes on complex tasks of Microsoft Exchange Server data recovery and administration.

MailRecovery 2009 Client got an improved core component, Recovery for Outlook. Better support for international messages and fixes in handling named properties contribute to increased quality of data recovery from corrupted Personal Storage (PST) files.

The Server edition of MailRecovery 2009 suite features a major addition: Visual Recovery for Exchange Server. The new tool caters to the need of granular recovery of items from offline email databases.

Visual Recovery for Exchange Server works with healthy and corrupted Exchange databases alike. Useful for daily administration, it is invaluable for emergency granular recovery. In many cases, the utility will open EDB files turned down by Exchange and standard repair utilities.

More on the MailRecovery 2009 suites and each of the components:

OfficeRecovery 2009

OfficeRecovery 2009 is a set of software tools for recovering data from corrupted files vital to the everyday user: documents, spreadsheets, email, pictures and photos and more.

Centered on Microsoft Office products, OfficeRecovery suites reach beyond that, offering users the capability to recover Zip archives, PDF documents, and even corrupted media such as flash drives, hard disks and DVDs.

Product updates common for Essential and Ultimate editions of OfficeRecovery 2009:

  • Recovery for Word - better recovery of embedded pictures, improved support for Word 2007 format, hyperlinks and formulae now recovered
  • Recovery for Money - updated to support Microsoft Money 2007, 2006 and 2005
  • Recovery for Project - Microsoft Project 2007 support
  • Recovery for OneNote - Microsoft OneNote 2007 support
  • Recovery for Outlook - improved quality of data recovery, better handling of international messages

The Ultimate edition of OfficeRecovery 2009 includes MediaHeal utilities for recovering data from corrupted media. New MediaHeal 2009 member products feature such highlights as better compatibility with Windows Vista and better support for FAT32 file system.

OfficeRecovery 2009 on the web:

DBRecovery 2009

DBRecovery 2009 is a collection of powerful tools for data recovery from a variety of database formats. Greatly improved, it is now even better in bringing back data that the modern business IT environment is built on.

List of DBRecovery 2009 improvements by product:

  • Recovery for SQL Server - logs and backups now supported, 2008 and x64 formats added
  • Recovery for Interbase - support for 2007 and 7.x formats, Firebird 2.x support
  • Recovery for PostgreSQL - support for the 8.3 data format
  • Recovery for MySQL - the product now has database rebuild utility
  • Recovery for FileMaker - FileMaker 9 support, better recovery of text data

As the complete list of updates in DBRecovery 2009 components is much more elaborate, please see the suite home page and the pages of individual products:

MediaHeal 2009

MediaHeal 2009 utilities retrieve files from corrupted media, be it a thumb drive gone wrong, a non-readable CD backup or a crashed hard drive. Removable disks and diskettes are supported, too.

The central component of the suite, MediaHeal for Hard Drives has improved compatibility with Windows Vista, automatically requesting administrator privileges for low-level disk scans.

Better FAT32 support is available in all relevant MediaHeal 2009 components:

  • MediaHeal for Flash
  • MediaHeal for Hard Drives
  • MediaHeal for Diskettes
  • MediaHeal for Removable Disks

All components of MediaHeal 2009 have been improved to achieve better quality of data recovery.

Home page of MediaHeal 2009 with detailed information about each component:

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