OfficeRecovery News #065 for May 25, 2010

OfficeRecovery Suites 2010

Recoveronix has released the newest versions of data recovery suites for office productivity applications, OfficeRecovery 2010 Essential and Ultimate.

From small businesses to large corporations, everyday workflow is accompanied by electronic documents, spreadsheets, databases, digital pictures, zip archives and many other types of files. Every file is important, yet prone to be corrupted due to faulty media or software malfunction. In this situation having one of OfficeRecovery suites at hand may save valuable data and time.

Keeping up with the industry, OfficeRecovery 2010 components are aware of the file format changes introduced in the new Microsoft Office 2010.

While ready to recover data from the newest Microsoft Office formats, the utilities still support all the previous versions back to Access 2.0 and Excel 97.

Windows 7 is the new standard for desktop operating systems. OfficeRecovery 2010 suites are ready for the new OS, having earned 'Compatible with Windows 7' certification from Microsoft.

OfficeRecovery 2010 suites are available in two editions: Essential and Ultimate. The complete list of components with links to detailed descriptions of components is available at OfficeRecovery home page:

OfficeRecovery Essential: Data Recovery for Word and Excel 2010, Works, OpenOffice and WordPerfect

OfficeRecovery 2010 Essential brings together data recovery modules for a variety of desktop document and spreadsheet applications.

Regardless of which family of productivity applications is standard in your office, the suite provides affordable data recovery solutions. While built with emphasis on Microsoft Word and Excel 2010, the Essential suite can handle data recovery for Works, OpenOffice and WordPerfect files as well.

Home users will certainly appreciate PixRecovery, a utility for repairing corrupted digital images, such as photos from digital cameras.

Message undelete utility for Microsoft Outlook comes handy in cases when important messages were occasionally deleted, including those dropped from the Deleted Items folder.

ZipRecovery for corrupted archives completes the OfficeRecovery 2010 Essential offering.

Compared to 2009 edition of the Essential suite, several modules have been removed and are now available in the all-inclusive Ultimate edition only. To compensate for this, existing customers get the Ultimate version at the price of Essential upgrade.

OfficeRecovery 2010 Essential:

OfficeRecovery Ultimate: Versatile Helpdesk Data Recovery Solution for Office Needs

OfficeRecovery 2010 Ultimate combines several lines of utilities to form a versatile solution covering different aspects of office data recovery needs.

Including all office productivity data recovery applications from the junior Essential suite, the Ultimate edition provides extended support for Microsoft Office 2010. OfficeRecovery 2010 Ultimate has modules for Microsoft Access, Outlook, Project and Publisher.

Personal and small business finance data recovery needs are addressed by modules for Microsoft Money and Intuit QuickBooks.

On the side of systems administration, OfficeRecovery 2010 Ultimate provides data recovery utilities for Windows Backup, Windows Registry and MediaHeal, a line of programs for retrieving files from corrupted media.

MediaHeal utilities can handle many types of media: legacy floppies and optical disks, ordinary CDs and DVDs, large hard drives and all types of flash disks and cards. The utilities recover files and folder structure, copying rescued files to safe location chosen by the user.

OfficeRecovery 2010 Ultimate solutions range from local end-user desktop application failures to a more fundamental problems such as corruption of entire disks and file systems. This makes the suite an easy choice for business IT support and disaster planning.

OfficeRecovery 2010 Ultimate:

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