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Sample Issue



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Sample Issue

This is a complete issue of OfficeRecovery Newsletter for 4 February 2003. Click here if you would like to subscribe to OfficeRecovery Newsletter. 

Disclaimer: Special limited time discount offer featured in this sample newsletter was available to subscribers only and has expired.

OfficeRecovery News #011 for 4 February 2003

In this issue:

  • New Beta: PublisherRecovery Restores 
    Microsoft Publisher Files
  • MSSQLRecovery 1.5 Now Supports Recovery Of Backups 
  • DBFRecovery 1.0

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New Beta: PublisherRecovery Restores Microsoft Publisher Files

New product beta is available at PublisherRecovery is data recovery software for corrupted Microsoft Publisher publications.

PublisherRecovery retrieves text and formatting, tables, pictures, WordArt and OLE objects. The recovered data is written to an RTF file, which can be then opened in Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Publisher file versions 2000 and 2002 are supported.

To learn more about the new product, visit PublisherRecovery home page at:

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Every PublisherRecovery Beta customer is entitled to a free release 1.0 of the software.

MSSQLRecovery 1.5 Now Supports Recovery Of Backups 

MSSQLRecovery is data recovery software for fixing damaged MS SQL Server databases. MSSQLRecovery 1.5 is a new version with an important capability of recovering corrupted Microsoft SQL Server backup files (.BAK).

Another new feature is the processing of partly damaged database records, which were purged by previous versions of MSSQLRecovery. Records with damaged fields are now written into a separate SQL file to be reviewed by user and manually inserted into recovered database if found usable.

MSSQLRecovery home page:

Order MSSQLRecovery 1.5 at a 15% discount:

DBFRecovery 1.0

After a period of availability as a public beta, final version of DBFRecovery has been released.

DBFRecovery 1.0 recovers damaged databases in DBF format, which is native for Visual FoxPro, dBase and FoxBASE software.

DBFRecovery home page:

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Product Original Price Discount Code Discounted Price You Save*
PublisherRecovery Beta $99.00 PBRFTOFF $84.00 $15.00
DBFRecovery 1.0 $199.00 PBRFTOFF $169.00 $30.00
MSSQLRecovery 1.5 $399.00 PBRFTOFF $339.00 $60.00
Volume Licenses
PublisherRecovery Beta Ten Pack $199.00 PBRFTOFF $169.00 $30.00
DBFRecovery 1.0 Ten Pack $399.00 PBRFTOFF $339.00 $60.00
MSSQLRecovery 1.5 Ten Pack $799.00 PBRFTOFF $679.00 $120.00

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