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Issue 077 for April 24, 2012

OfficeRecovery Suites 2012 with Multi-File, Multi-Format Repair Capability

Recovery for Word 5.0 Masters Unicode and OLE Objects

Recovery for Excel 6.0 Becomes Better and Faster thanks to Massive Quality Assurance Project

Issue 076 for January 26, 2012

Special Offer on SharePoint 2010 Data Recovery Service

Issue 075 for December 6, 2011

MailRecovery Suites 2018

MailRecovery 2018 Client: New Recovery for Outlook Data Browser with Export to EML

MailRecovery 2018 Server: New Recovery for Exchange Server with Support for the Latest Service Packs

Issue 074 for September 19, 2011

OfficeRecovery Unveils Online File Repair Service for Corrupted Microsoft Office Files

Issue 073 for July 12, 2011

White Paper: Repairing a 2-Terabyte Corrupted Database With Recovery for SQL Server

Issue 072 for March 7, 2011

MediaHeal for Virtual Drives Delivers Improved VMDK Recovery

File Preview Added to ZipRecovery Data Browser

SQL Server Express 2005 Support Added to Recovery for SQL Server

Issue 071 for November 16, 2010

Recovery for Excel Offers New User Experience, Supports Chart Sheets

PixRecovery Repairs PNG and RAW Image Formats

Issue 070 for October 5, 2010

Recovery for Oracle with Data Browser Released

Better Digital Image Recovery in MediaHeal for Flash

PixRecovery Bundled with MediaHeal for Flash

Issue 069 for September 14, 2010

DBRecovery 2018 Announced

Updates to DBRecovery 2018 Member Utilities

Data Browsers Now Available for SQL Server, Access and MySQL

Issue 068 for August 24, 2010

Recovery for Access Enhanced with Data Browser and Improved Encryption Support

Undelete for Outlook Now Supports Microsoft Outlook 2010

Recovery for Photoshop Repairs Adobe Photoshop CS5 Files, Supports Layers

Issue 067 for July 20, 2010

Recovery for Exchange Server Features and Highlights

Issue 066 for June 29, 2010

MediaHeal Suite 2010 Features Support for Virtual Drives

Issue 065 for May 25, 2010

OfficeRecovery Suites 2010

OfficeRecovery Essential: Data Recovery for Word and Excel 2010, Works, OpenOffice and WordPerfect

OfficeRecovery Ultimate: Versatile Helpdesk Data Recovery Solution for Office Needs

Issue 064 for April 13, 2010

MailRecovery Suites 2010

MailRecovery Client: Email Recovery and Undelete for Outlook 2010

MailRecovery Server: Exchange Server 2010 Database Repair, Browsing and Comparison

Issue 063 for March 23, 2010

Recovery for QuickBooks Released

Photoshop CS4 Supported by Recovery for Photoshop

Data Recovery Solution for OpenOffice Writer Documents Updated

Issue 062 for February 9, 2010

Data Browser Feature Overview

Support for Data Browser in Recovery for SQL Server, Recovery for Backup and ZipRecovery

Tip: Previewing Offline SQL Server Databases with Data Browser

Issue 061 for December 8, 2009

PixRecovery Gives Users More Flexibility with Output Formats

MediaHeal for Virtual Drives Supports More Drive Formats

Coupon: Happy Holidays with Rescued Files, Restored Email, Repaired Databases and Recovered Media

Issue 060 for November 17, 2009

Recovery for Backup Supports Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 2008 Server

Recovery for Excel Addresses More Office 2007 and 2003 Spreadsheet Features

Recovery for Sybase Now Supports Databases Created With Adaptive Server Version 15

Issue 059 for October 6, 2009

Oracle 11g Support Added To Recovery for Oracle

Recovery for SQL Anywhere Goes Release with New Data Types Added

Recovery for FileMaker Restores Media Files Embedded in Tables

Issue 058 for September 8, 2009

SharePoint Data Recovery Solutions Released

Recovery for SQL Server Enhanced With Encryption and Compression Support

New Disk Formats Supported By MediaHeal for Virtual Drives

Issue 057 for August 11, 2009

PhotoRecovery Is a New Multifunctional Solution for Digital Photo Data Recovery

MediaHeal for Virtual Drives Recovers Files from Offline Virtual Environments

Recovery for SQL Anywhere Supports Sybase iAnywhere Database Management Solution

Issue 056 for July 7, 2009

Recovery for Excel Provides Enhanced Support for Microsoft Office Excel 2007

Recovery for Works Database Now Supports Works 9.0

Recovery for MySQL Recognizes New Field Types, Handles Difficult Cases Better

Issue 055 for June 9, 2009

Deploying Data Recovery Results using OfficeRecovery Database Creation Utility

Issue 054 for May 12, 2009

Visual Recovery for Exchange Release 1.0 - Full Exchange Server Support

Undelete for Outlook Upgraded To Support Outlook 2007

Recovery for SharePoint Beta Added to SharePoint Solutions

Issue 053 for April 7, 2009

Recovery for Active Directory Now Supports Windows Server 2008

New Utility for SharePoint Server: Document Recovery for SharePoint

Recovery for Works Word, Database Upgraded To Works 9.0

Issue 052 for March 10, 2009

Data Recovery Suites 2009 - Overview

MailRecovery 2009

OfficeRecovery 2009

DBRecovery 2009

MediaHeal 2009

Issue 051 for February 17, 2009

Recovery for SQL Server Supports 2008 and 2005 Backups, Logs

Recovery for Interbase Updated To Support Newest Database Formats

PostgreSQL 8.3 Data Recovery Now Possible

Issue 050 for October 15, 2008

New Product Beta: Visual Recovery for Exchange Server Gets Granular

Licensing Explained: Standard, Enterprise and 1-Year Service

Issue 049 for September 3, 2008

Recovery for Active Directory Features Full Windows Server 2003 Support

PixRecovery Improved To Repair Badly Damaged Images

Recovery for FileMaker: Support for FileMaker 9, More Features

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